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5 Years in 2 weeks by TiGGs96 5 Years in 2 weeks :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 1 0 Dimension X Turtles by TiGGs96 Dimension X Turtles :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 3 1 Master Sliver by TiGGs96 Master Sliver :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 6 0 Eh? by TiGGs96 Eh? :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 3 0 Frevek Fusion by TiGGs96 Frevek Fusion :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 9 0 Zenyatta by TiGGs96 Zenyatta :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 2 0 Oseram Junkrat by TiGGs96 Oseram Junkrat :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 0 0 Swift Protection by TiGGs96 Swift Protection :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 4 0 Teach Him Well... by TiGGs96 Teach Him Well... :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 7 3 Pile of Rats by TiGGs96 Pile of Rats :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 14 3 Mime Jack by TiGGs96 Mime Jack :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 1 0 +Hot Ribs by TiGGs96 +Hot Ribs :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 1 0 Fusion: Lanky Scarecrow by TiGGs96 Fusion: Lanky Scarecrow :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 1 0 Fusion : Hysteria Blossom by TiGGs96 Fusion : Hysteria Blossom :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 4 0 Fusion: Hot Ribs by TiGGs96 Fusion: Hot Ribs :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 3 0 Random OC- 1 by TiGGs96 Random OC- 1 :icontiggs96:TiGGs96 0 0


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5 Years in 2 weeks
Dimension X Turtles AU

When the turtles were about to exit Dimension X there was a malfunction with the teleporter. The turtles weren't able to leave, and due to mounting pressures in Earth's dimension Splinter had the Mighty Mutanimals retreat from battle.

It took two weeks of repairs but they managed to find and fix the problem.

Here Splinter awaits for his sons, knowing about the time difference -from Leatherhead- yet unprepared all the same. They all appear before him and he finds himself face-to-face with four young men.

It matters not how much time has pasted for them, Splinter is merely content in knowing his mutant family is back home alive.


Michelangelo should actually have his prosthetic on, but meh...

Just a sketchy comic I thought turned out alright. Been a while since I even attempted one of those.


TMNT belongs to Nickelodeon, Mirage. ..not me.
Dimension X Turtles
I've been on a huge TMNT phase. Doodled these up again after finding old sketches.

Raphael's hand is funny and the pairs seem to be in different styles... meh...


TMNT belongs to Nickelodeon. Image comics... not me.
Master Sliver
I did the turtles, why not post their mother?

She stepped on a cat's tail as opposed to a rat. I'm still working on colors but I like the pattern, though I might just put stripes on the tail...

Why not simply create a more feminine rat? Why change the entire mutant? Simple!

This isn't a genderbent Yoshi.


TMNT belongs to Nickelodeon.
"As you can see, I'm in need of a right hand man!"


An inked version of a sketch. This is Oseram Fawkes meeting Mako for the first time.

Overwatch belongs to Blizzard,
Horizon: Zero Dawn belongs to Guerrilla.
I didn't have any Christmas-y type drawings or anything special for the holidays, so I opted to hold the submissions til after. Now it's later than January, I'm gonna post things again!



Or, yanno, not read this ever and go and browse some good artists...

I don't honestly care.


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