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MafiaTale: The Bad Time Crew by TiGGs96
MafiaTale: The Bad Time Crew
I did another thing!

The title was inspired by a clever parody song someone made on YouTube. Listening to it heavely inspired the designs of the three here.

Something that did bother me was the lack of diversion between suits and the overall look between the three monsters. So I decided to jazz up their looks. Papyrus is definitely the more flamboyant of the crew, sporting a feathered fedora and a number of coordinating suits of similar color scheme. Gaster prefers the sophisticated black, but has his own touch with lengthy coatails trailing him. (But can choose to adorn his pinstripe pants if he wishes.) And Sans was forced to a suit, but took his time to nab the most obnoxious blue tux to ever be crafted.

I took the liberty of shifting the Mafia concept with a short reasoning on how it even exists. To put it short and sweet, the war between monsters and Man never fully manifested. This allowed the monsters to grow along with the humans out of the Kings and Queens to guns and cash.
I don't know who exactly who first thought of this AU, but I want to make it clear that it was not me!

Gaster was never forced into the Void and therefore exists in this alternate. He grows to hate the humans over time and has acquired Sans and Papyrus to form a hit man group that targets aggressive humans for profit. Papyrus is Ok with his "job"because he understands that bad people do exists and he's only helping his friends and family by getting rid of them, and Sans just doesn't care.


Quick Concepts:

Using guns as opposed to magic doesn't affect their EXP.

They often work for Muffet when they are in need of quick cash,

Gaster remains hidden to the public, from both human and monster kind alike.

Paps always makes sure that the human he has a hit on is the bad human he is looking for.

Sans drinks ketchup, Paps will occasionally indulge in topnotch spaghetti sauce, and Gaster smokes.


UNDERTALE belongs to Toby Fox,
MafiaTale belongs to its rightful owner(s).
I apologize for the drop in picture quality. I know my photos were never stellar to begin with but at least I had a decent camera to work with. I used to take pictures with my phone, but I had to change that when I removed the DA app off my phone. I'll try not to post anymore stuff late at night and do all I can to up the quality so you guys can see better.


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It could be worse...

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